The clay water pot is naturally cooling

The best advantage of storing water during a clay pot is that it aids within the natural cooling of the water through the principle of vaporization. The porous nature of clay not only helps cool the water but also comes with its own set of advantages. this suggests you’re doing not should depend upon the fridge for that a bottle of cool water to quench your thirst. Storing water in clay pots is, therefore, an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution. Clay pots not only cool the water down, but they also provide healing with the weather of earth. This quality of a clay pot is exclusive, and no other container has identical quality.

Prevents heat stroke

Drinking water from earthen pots is understood to stop episodes of sunstroke during summers once they’re quite common. The vitamins and minerals that one gets from water, especially water stored in clay pots can help in improving health, and also preventing heatstroke. Cool water can help in cooling off the body and stop problems caused thanks to excessive heat. Beverage stored in clay pots is often a healthy practice.

Good for throat

The water from an earthen pot could even be honest because of treat pharyngitis during the summer season. Water kept at room temperatures is just too hot for consumption, while water consumed from the refrigerator is just too cold. Those who suffer from a nasty throat or any respiratory problems should drink water from a clay pot, because it’s neither too cold nor hot, and is additionally rich in nutrients.
Choosing eco-friendly cookware like clay pot is vital not only for your family’s health but also an exquisite initiative for the environment. Just make sure that you simply recognize the because of choosing the most effective clay pot.

Clay water pot makes the water alkaline 

The human body is acidic in nature, clay has alkaline properties. Drinking water is stored earthen pots can help maintain the pH of the body, keeping acidity and gastric problems. The stored water will be cool & which helps in keeping the body healthy.

Improves metabolism

Hydration itself plays an extremely important role in improving digestion and speeding up metabolism. When water is stored during a clay pot and consumed, it ensures even better functions because it doesn’t contain chemicals because the BPA found in plastic bottles which are won’t to store water within the fridge. This helps improve digestion which helps in weight loss and keeping the body healthy, generally.

No harmful chemicals

Most plastic bottles are meant just for a pair of uses and contain toxic chemicals like BPA, which is an endocrine disrupter. Storing water in clay pots protects healthy life.

Clay pot water
Clay pot water

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