Laughter Is Strong Medicine & Key Component Of A Happy Life, And It Has Powerful Physical And Mental Benefits. No Matter What You’re Facing, You Can Learn to Laugh and Benefit from Its Healing Ways. The More We Laugh, The Lighter And Freer We Feel.

Seven Health Benefits of Laughter
1. Natural Way to Exercise Various Muscles Groups In Body
2. Reduces Levels of Stress Hormones In Body
3. Helps to Control High Blood Pressure
4. Useful In Improving Memory and Mood
5. Beneficial In Increasing Health-Enhancing Hormones
6. Stimulates an Increase in Blood Flow and Oxygenation In Body
7. 10-15 Minutes of Laughter Burns About 50 Calories
8. Increase the Release of Feel-Good Endorphins
9. Positive Thoughts Release and Reduce the Linesss
10. Improves Heart Health

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