Body heat is one among the foremost common conditions faced by people across the planet. Before we start, it’s essential to define body heat so as to remember of this particular health condition.
Eating extremely popular and spicy food may be a contributing factor that provides rise to heat. So people that enforce consuming oily and fried food must take care. Within the field of Ayurveda, they often distinguish between foods that are hot in nature and people that have a cooling effect. Thus nuts must be avoided. Diets that are rich in proteins, especially for people that are fitness enthusiasts, must be controlled. Protein rich foods are a storehouse of warmth causing agents. Meat, eggs and cinnamon powder are all prime sources which will cause potential damage, resulting in rise in body heat. are many other ways to lower your body heat quickly also .
Extraordinarily high consumption of temperature or cold water
Water has the potential to chill down the body. One can consume or dip one’s feet during a bucket of cold water to stay blood heat in check .
Tender coconut milk
Having coconut milk are often beneficial in two ways. Firstly it’s a sort of fluid and thus may be a water-based drink. Secondly, it’s very rich in minerals and vitamins which are crucial in cooling down the body.
Fruits and vegetables
Almost all propagators of food are insistent on consuming fruits and vegetables like bitter gourd, cucumber, tori, watermelon, etc. of these are extremely rich in water and have a nourishing effect. But watermelon must be consumed within the half of the day because it is extremely rich in fiber. Consuming it within the latter half the day won’t be good for the stomach.
Pomegranate Juice
It are often mixed with expressed almond oil and had on a day to day . it’s a superb remedy to regulate blood heat and may be consumed by all age groups.
Drinking milk along side honey
Adding up a spoon of honey in cold milk and it works wonders.
vitamin C rich foods
it is an honest cure for internal and external heat. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc should be consumed daily during the recent months.
Peppermint and mint
As we are know mint or pudina leaves have a perennial cooling effect. it’s a spice which will be added to any drink, like a lemonade and produce the specified effect.
It is available during a number of forms like soaps or powders. Applying this or rubbing it regularly on the body features a cooling effect. Ayurvedic beliefs use this as a continuing source of cooling down the body.

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