In The summer diet has an important role to take part. The heat affects the work and your eating habits as well.
Taking Care of Skin in the summer
· Doing Face Wash frequently.
· Keep Your Skin Hydrated.
· Wear Sunscreen
· Moisturizer.
· Avoid thick make-up and creams.
· Avoid sugar.
Healthy summer drinks
· Buttermilk
· Sugarcane Juice
· Nimbu Paani Or Lemonade
· Watermelon juice.
· Barley Water. …
· Coconut Water
· Lassi
simple tips to have shining glowing skin in summer.
· Cool Off
· Do away with Dry Skin
· Eat Your SPF – literally!
· Ease the Eyes
· Protect your pout
· Take a cool shower
· Hydrate your Skin
· Protect your Skin from the Sun
· Spritz your Scalp
· Sip in your Antioxidants
· Supercharge your Skin
· Save your skin
· Feed Your Face

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