In India, infertility is normally regarded as a societal taboo, but due to the tremendous development made in medical technology,
infertility can now be treated. Surrogacy is one in all an important technique for the infertility however for a few many years already; commercialization of surrogacy has affected India. Since surrogacy is a relatively new time period in the country, there has been neither statutory rule to modify it nor awareness that there have to be one. Recently surrogacy laws have been introduced to guide and monitor this process.

To add to the discussion, surrogacy changed into now no longer even socially applicable in the nation, which encouraged unethical, uneducated, and exploitative marketing. India now has guidelines to light up the advantages of surrogacy and to prevent its unethical commercialization and hazards.

Indian Council for Medical Research has given guidelines in 2002,
permitted through the government in 2005, regulating Assisted
Reproductive Technology procedures (herein referred as “ART”).
Thereafter, the Law Commission of India submitted the 228th Report on ART procedures discussing the significance and need for surrogacy, and additionally the stairs taken to govern surrogacy arrangements. The new law’s goals are to “control” and “supervise” ART centers and surrogacy, in addition to “curb” unethical behaviors including sex choice and surrogate mother exploitation, through imposing financial fines and imprisonment
terms for violators.

Evolution in surrogacy law in India- Legal Insights

  1. Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2013; The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2013 became pending for quite a while which did now no longer permit industrial surrogacy that entails change of cash for something aside from buying medical expenses for the mother and the child. The bill additionally prohibited couples already having one child, foreigners or Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), holders in addition to live-in-Partners, unmarried people, and homosexuals and widows for opting surrogacy.
  2. Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 and 2019;

In 2016, a Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill became introduced and exceeded in Lok Sabha, the decrease residence of the Indian parliament, offering to allow handiest Indian heterosexual couples married for at the least five years with infertility issues to get admission to altruistic or unpaid surrogacy and thereby banning industrial surrogacy. The 2016 bill lapsed due to the adjournment of the parliament session. The bill became reintroduced and exceeded with the aid of using the Lok Sabha in 2019.

3. Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021 ;

This Act explains surrogacy as a practice in which if a pair is incapable of producing an infant in their very own because of infertility or any disease, they’re eligible for surrogacy method with positive guidelines. It is allowed handiest for altruistic purposes or for couples who are suffering verified infertility or disease.

 What is new in surrogacy laws 2022?

Introduction of altruistic surrogacy

Altruistic surrogacy consists of no cash associated pay to the surrogate aside from the clinical fees and safety inclusion during the pregnancy. In Vitro treatment (IVF) is the maximum broadly identified and effective kind of ART. The ART Regulation 2021 offers a framework to the execution of the law on surrogacy with the aid of using putting in place of the National Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Board. In order to enhance the centers provided in surrogacy clinic the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare got here up with Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022 on twenty first June 2022 below the ministry of Mansukh Mandaviya, which elaborates the requirement of number of people hired and the qualifications that they have to possess. In addition to that it additionally affords for the form and way in which the registration will take region and the procedure to pay the charges for surrogacy clinic.

Requirement for surrogacy clinics

Surrogacy clinics shall have as a minimum one gynecologist,
one anesthetist, one embryologist and one counselor. The hospital may also hire extra staff by the Assisted Reproductive Technology Level 2 clinics; typically Director, Andrologist and shall appoint such personnel as can be important to help the clinic into daily work. Manner of application for acquiring a certificates of recommendation by the Board has been laid out in Form 1.

Health Insurance For Surrogate Mother

The proceeding lady or couple need to buy a general medical
insurance coverage in desire of surrogate mother for a duration of thirty six months from an insurance company or an agent diagnosed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority installed below the provisions of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999 for an amount that is enough sufficient to cover all charges for all complications arising out of being pregnant and additionally protecting post- partum delivery complications.

Circumstances For Opting Surrogacy

  1. When a female has no uterus or lacking uterus or abnormal uterus or
    the uterus is surgically eliminated because of any disease.
  2. Failed to conceive even after more than one In vitro fertilization or
    Intracytoplasmic sperm injection attempts.
  3. In case of more than one being pregnant losses and the medical
    cause is unexplained.
  4. If being pregnant is not possible because of a few illnesses.
Surrogacy Laws In India
Surrogacy Laws In India

Surrogacy regulations and laws, 2022

  1. Central Government by issuing a notification declared the eligibility
    standards and range of persons required at a registered surrogacy
    hospital. Further, the information for the minimal equipment required
    at such clinics also is in particular mentioned.
  2. The composition of such clinics as in line with the notification is, that such a clinics shall have as a minimum one gynecologist, anesthetist, embryologist and counselor and the clinic can also additionally hire extra staff by the ART Level 2 clinics.
  3.   Gynecologist at surrogacy clinics will be a medical post-graduate in gynecology and obstetrics and need to have filed of appearing 50 ovum pickup strategies and at the least three years of working experience in an assisted reproductive technology clinic under supervision of a trained ART specialist.
  4. ART is described as “assisted reproductive technology” with its grammatical versions and cognate expressions, approach all techniques that try to achieve a being pregnant by managing the sperm or the oocyte outside the human body and moving the gamete or the embryo into the reproductive system of a female”. It’s very important for a gynecologist to have know-how on this technology.
  5. Form 1 in the notification specifies the utility to get hold of certificates of advice from the board.
  6. To protect the rights of the surrogate mother the supply for insurance coverage has been introduced, which mandates the proceeding couple or female to buy a medical insurance for the surrogate mother for 36 months.
  7.   An affidavit earlier than a Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the first-class will be signed by the female or couple with goal of giving assure below section 2 of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021.
  8. The most number of attempts of surrogacy method shall now no longer be more than three times.
  9.   The surrogate mother shall provide her free consent as in line with the specifications provided in Form.
  10. It has been determined the gynecologist shall implant most effective 1 embryo, with an exception of three embryos in unique cases.
  11. In case in which a surrogate mother desires to abort the child then abortion process is to be followed as per Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Registration process of surrogacy clinic

  1. Surrogacy Clinics shall mandatorily register themselves with suitable authority followed with prescribed fees, because it includes declaration of certified staff, equipment, and method type undertaken by the Surrogacy Clinics.
  2. If the application is accepted by the authority then they’ll supply a certificate of registration as per Form four to the applicant. The candidates thereafter must show the certificates of Registration at a conspicuous region at its place of business.
  3. After the rejection or cancellation or suspension of the application below section thirteen and such communication made below segment 14 the applicant has choice to make an appeal inside 30 days of such communication, as in line with form of appeal laid out in Form 5.
  4. National Board or National Registry or State Board or Appropriate Authority or every other human authorized are empowered and the surrogacy clinics shall permit them to check out the location, equipment and records. The inspection can take location at any time inside running hours with none notice. However, such seek shall not endanger gametes or embryos stored.

Protecting rights of surrogate mother

                 As India is one of the huge center factors of those practices, the Act is surely a positive improvement but there are few factors on which the law on Surrogacy stands contradictory. According to Article 21, “Right to Life” is an essential component and right to reproduction has been embraced below it. The proper for ladies to have children and the proper to carry a pregnancy to time period are all protected of their reproductive rights. Therefore, it’s far clearly a violation of Articles 21 and 14 to restrict surrogacy at the same time as denying reproductive options. However, it is very important to preserve sure requirements in the professions where risk to lifestyles of someone is involved, with the equal motive the central government issued the recommendations to set up fine surrogacy clinics and defined the pre-requirements that the surrogacy clinics shall observe earlier than supplying the services. In addition to that sure guidelines also are supplied for a proceeding couple or ladies who’re choosing surrogacy. With those measures a protecting method for a surrogate mother is created.


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