Sweet Potatoes: contents and health benefits


Sweet potato produces more biomass and nutrients than other food crops. They are mainly grown in developing countries like China and Vietnam. Sweet potato is useful as the leaves, which are used as greens and the tubers, for high carbohydrate and beta-carotene sources. It is also a popular crop as production and management need lower efforts than the other staple crops. The advantages of this crop include the ability to grow in all weather conditions, good productivity in short durations, and balanced nutritional composition. Its nutritional composition includes minerals, carotenoids, vitamins, phenolic acids, and antioxidant properties. As a result, it has a role in vitamin A deficiency (VAD) management. This crop contains high moisture and starch; in contrast, protein and fats are present in very fewer concentrations. Potassium is reported o be in moderate concentrations, and iron is reported in good concentrations. Antioxidants like carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin are in good concentrations.

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Vitamin A

It helps in preventing vitamin A deficiency, due to the high concentrations of β‐carotene and non‐pro‐vitamin A carotenoids. Sweet potatoes can help manage stress levels. Calcium plays a major role in muscle function, formation, and strengthening of bones, teeth, conducting nerve impulses, blood clotting, and maintaining a normal heartbeat. This crop has calcium in a sufficient amount. Potential role to tackle calorific and VAD malnutrition problems of children, Sweet potatoes contain antimicrobial properties. Sweet potatoes can boost fertility

 Sweet potatoes have high antioxidants

Sweet potatoes can help in minimizing the danger of cardiovascular diseases, antioxidative, and free radical scavenging activity of phenolic acid components. Sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory activity. Anthocyanidins are highly appreciated due to the antioxidant, anti‐inflammatory, anticarcinogenic activities, protection against heart disease. Oxidation response leads to the many problems in humans, and they are connected with pathophysiology problems of many diseases. Potato tubers with increased levels of flavonoids and high antioxidant capacities. It can help improve hair and skin. Sweet potatoes can help guard against ulcers. Due to the high content of antioxidants, it can help protect/prevent/manage cancer. Sweet potatoes are important for vision due to the accumulation of lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso‐zeaxanthin, and they are very important in eye well‐being.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fibers

They are good for digestion, crude fiber is one of the nondigestible carbohydrates, which provides the fecal bulkiness, less intestinal transit. It has a role in cholesterol level reduction, and trapping dangerous substance like cancer‐causing agents. Sweet potatoes can help in weight management due to the rich amount of fibers. Very low concentration of the fat is present in this crop. Usually, this trend is the property of roots and tubers.

Sweet potatoes are antidiabetic

Sweet potatoes also can help manage diabetes. Carbohydrates from sweet potatoes stabilize the sugar levels in the blood and decrease the resistance to insulin. These compounds, together with dietary fiber, contribute to blood glucose‐lowering activity. Besides glycaemic control, sweet potato has shown anti‐sclerotic activity and inhibition of glycation. They also contain fewer calories and complex carbohydrates but more vitamin A and fiber than do potatoes.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes

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