What are the different types of surrogacy?

  • Gestational surrogate
  • Altruistic surrogacy
  • Traditional surrogacy

How long does surrogacy process take?

Surrogacy process commonly takes one year.

  • It involves –  locate a qualified surrogate.
  • Treatment of surrogate
  • Process of pregnancy.

Provided your surrogate becomes pregnant after the first embryo transfer.

What is a gestational surrogate?

Surrogate mother who carry another woman’s egg is known as a gestational surrogate or carrier. This is the most common form of surrogacy.

What is altruistic surrogacy?

When a woman agrees to be a surrogate without being compensated, this is known as altruistic surrogacy.

What is traditional surrogacy?

Traditional surrogacy –

  • The surrogate’s own egg is fertilized via artificial insemination
  • The surrogate is both the carrier and the biological mother.
  • There is a much greater legal risk involved for intended parents in traditional surrogacy cases.
  • Not done now a days.

How the surrogate screening is done?

 Surrogate screening process consists of:

  • In-depth consultations with potential surrogate candidates
  • Background & insurance reviews
  • Medical & mental health evaluations

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