Whole grains have been a part of the human diet While a high intake of refined grains is linked to health problems like obesity and inflammation, whole grains are a different story. Whole grains are associated with various health benefits such as a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
The Healthy Facts about Whole Grains

  •  A Valuable Fiber Source
  •  Energy and Satiation between Meals
  •  They help digestion.
  •  They can help lower cholesterol.
  • They lower blood pressure.
  •  They can help control weight.
  •  They redistribute fat.
  •  They make you feel full.
  •  They help regulate blood sugar.
  •  Some grains deliver calcium.
  •  Some grains offer vitamin C.
  •  They are a good source of B vitamins.
  •  They may reduce asthma risk.
  •  They may even lower cancer risk.
  •  They may protect your teeth and gums.
  •  They may help you live longer.
  •  They cut markers of inflammation.
  •  They contain resistant starch.
whole grains
whole grains

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